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The authors are founding members of the Alliance for Just Money, an alliance of people from all walks of life dedicated to working toward a change in our money system. The Alliance website is Come learn more, and join us.

The Alliance for Just Money is a non-partisan organization of people of all political, vocational, philosophical, and personal viewpoints who share the common value of working together, and with individual and organizational allies who share our purpose, to achieve real monetary reform. Members of the Alliance and friends have contributed valuable time to review and edit this book. Special thanks go to Lucille Eckrich, Founding President, for her editing, to Bo-Young Lim and Rosalind Hamar for their encouragement, and to Joe Bongiovanni, John Howell, Paul Lebow, Sue Peters, Govert Schuller, Howard Switzer, Marc Tognotti, Steven Walsh, Mari Werner, and Mark Young, who all made contributions to improving this work. Find out more about the Alliance for Just Money @

The American Monetary Institute

The Alliance grew out of the efforts of the American Monetary Institute (AMI). AMI was founded in 1996 to gather and present research on money and lead to monetary reforms. Within the last two years it suffered the death of its founding director and his replacement. While it works to move forward, the website remains a source of valuable information @

International Movement for Money Reform

The Alliance joins 30 other international movements as a member of the International Movement for Money Reform. Follow the efforts of people around the world to establish a better money system for a better world @

How We Pay for a Better World Campaign

The Board of the Alliance has endorsed the How We Pay for a Better World Campaign. In 2019 and 2020, a group of us will be heading out on the road to reach as many people as possible with information about our money system and how changing our money makes it possible to change the world. Follow our Campaign and let us know if you have a group that would be interested in a presentation. We’ll be reporting from the road beginning in August 2019 @ HowWePay.US


Some of our friends are not on the same page with us, but we are all dedicated to the same purpose: to establish a fair, just, democratic, transparent, stable, and sustainable economy – and a better world for ourselves, our families, and future generations.

We believe that the money system is the foundation of the economy and must change. Changes in bank rules, or fiscal policy while continuing the privilege and power of the private bankers to create most of our money, may be useful bridges to a better money system, or they may be bandages over festering wounds. But these changes will not address the core problems of our current money system if it is left in place. Our current money system transfers wealth from the many to the few at an exponential rate, increasing inequality and monopolization of the economy. Our current system demands continuous and exponential economic growth that exploits and desecrates the planet, and that is fundamentally unsustainable. And, the current system results in constant monetary booms and busts that destabilize the economy and destroy people’s lives.


Working for interim steps may move us toward our common goal:

The Public Banking Institute: Banking in the Public Interest

Public banks are an excellent bridge to a better money system. They can be created NOW, and they are operated in the public interest, leveraging our public funds to invest in our communities – making it possible to do more with less. In an upgraded money system, public banks could play an important role in democratic, transparent, local distribution of new money.

Thank you for reading this page. Please share then visit our take action page and help us spread the word. We can pay for a better world for yourself, your family and future generations. It’s time for Just Money now.

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