On the road!

There are two main approaches we are taking to spread an understanding of how Just Money can pay for a better world. We’re doing general outreach.

Let’s get as many people as possible into conversation about our money system. We are identifying ideal locations and useful ideas, tools, and methods for engaging people and testing ideas out. Leave a comment with your ideas!

Send us an email if you’ve got a group or location that would like a presentation. From August through November we will mostly be limited to West Coast, but we have associates across the country who are also available for some presentations. Just ask.

We are also doing targeted outreach. We want to identify and visit with individuals and organizations from diverse sectors that will play a role in achieving successful money reform (e.g. government agencies, bankers, financiers, legislators, academics, non-profits, and business leaders).

We believe that a robust and successful money reform movement will include people from all the various stakeholders and value their viewpoints and contributions. We’d like names and contact information for people to include in our conversation. If you’re adding a group’s information, the comment section is OK. If you’re sending an individual’s name and information, please use the comment email.


  • NEW!

    Politicon 2019

    More news to come… in the picture, Howard Switzer and Virginia Hammon and a team of six at Politicon in Nashville, TN.

  • lady liberty

    Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair

    This is my first venture out and about on the campaign. A Peace and Justice Fair seemed like a good place to meet people who are dedicate to making the world a better place.

  • Politicon: can you come and help out?

    Politicon is in Nashville, TN, on October 26-27, 2019. They brag that they have “top politicians, commentators, and politically savvy celebrities…5 stages fo...

  • On the road – Campaign Launch!

    We are afraid for the future, angry at the dysfunctional status quo and hungry for a pragmatic basis for hope. We know many of you are, too. We have that practical basis for hope! Our core group...


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