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On the virtual road!

Our How We Pay Campaign goals have changed to accommodate the crisis we are in. When we launched last fall, we had a two-fold goal: educate people about our money system and a better alternative, and promote changing the money system to bring it into alignment with our nation’s aspirational goals by sending postcards asking our Congress to study and take action. We expected to take several months planning a road trip to reach as many people as possible in person at places where people gather, and to set out in early Spring. The pandemic forced us to change our plans and change our focus. We must go virtual, demand an immediate trial-sample of Just Money to get us through this crisis, and then engage as many people and advocacy groups as possible in a productive study, discussion, and planning for a better future. We envision nationwide small assemblies using a shared strategic planning process, and then bringing it all together in a National People’s Convention for a Better World. Join us! Please signup for updates.

We still want to do general outreach. Let’s get as many people as possible into conversation about our money system. For now, it will need to be virtual. And, you can help enormously. Make sure all the groups who advocate the better world that you want, watch our new video, and sign on to participate in a study group on how Just Money can help them reach their goals.

We are also doing targeted outreach. We want to identify and visit with individuals and organizations from diverse sectors that will play a role in achieving successful money reform (e.g. government agencies, bankers, financiers, legislators, academics, non-profits, and business leaders). Send us an email if you’ve got a group that would like a webinar presentation.. We believe that a robust and successful money reform movement will include people from all the various stakeholders and value their viewpoints and contributions. We’d like names and contact information for people to include in our conversation. If you’re adding a group’s information, the comment section is OK. If you’re sending an individual’s name and information, please use the comment email.


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