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On the road – Campaign Launch!

by Virginia Hammon | published

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We are afraid for the future, angry at the dysfunctional status quo and hungry for a pragmatic basis for hope. We know many of you are, too. We have that practical basis for hope! Our core group is an intrepid band of people dedicated to establishing a better, healthier, happier, and a more just world for ourselves, our communities, our children and our grandchildren. We’ve all been reading, thinking, questioning, and discussing – and even having grumpy arguments sometimes ☹ – some of us for decades, some of us for lifetimes. It has been a long journey!

We know how we can pay for a better world. And we want to share the way with you. When you understand, we want you to join us and share with your family, neighbors, and lawmakers at every level.

The next 18 months are critical. And, it’s a good time because the nation is focused on deciding who we want for new leadership, and what is most important to us. We are all interested in solutions. This year, we hope to add at least 100,000 people to our map of people who now know how we can pay for a better world, and who will use their vote to put someone in office who understands, too, and who will work to upgrade our money system to Just Money. By 2020, we aim to add at least 3 million to the map!

There are two prongs to our campaign. #1. We want to connect with you. We want to connect online. You’re here and we love it! We want to talk and answer your questions in person. We’re going to be at bookstores, political, church, and social group meetings, public markets, faires, and any places you can help us think of for the broadest possible reach. We’re starting in Portland, Oregon, on the West Coast this week and will be covering from Bellingham, Washington to Los Angeles in the next few months. Contact us if you’ve got a group you’d like us to speak to. We’re going to be experimenting and finding what works best, reporting on this blog, and then we’re hoping some of you will find a venue, buy a banner and books, and help spread the word–– and put more people on our map toward achieving our goal! Put your suggestions for people and places in the comments, and email us if you have a person’s name and contact information.

#2. We’re looking for key stakeholders who already share our purpose of establishing a better, healthier, happier, and more just world. We’d like to connect with all the stakeholders who will be important to upgrading our money system – politicians, community leaders and influencers, bankers, business owners, economists and other academics, advocacy groups, conferences, and more. You can help with this, too. Put your suggestions in the comments, contact them yourself, send them a copy of the book, How We Pay for a Better World. Every suggestion will be deeply appreciated, especially when you give us a person’s name and contact information. We can grow this like a branching tree!

We are in peril on so many fronts, and while upgrading our money system won’t fix all our problems, it will make it possible to do so. Without money reform, core problems with our system remain. The current money system pushes continuous exponential growth on a finite planet, and exploitation, degradation, increasing inequality, injustice, and violence follow. We can do better with your help. Join us. It’s going to be fun!

It’s exciting to see our materials for the road produced and mostly still in boxes. It’s been a long runway, and now we’re ready to take off! My ever patient, supportive, and long-suffering sister is ready for me to get the boxes out of our living room and into the cleaned out garage space that will be the campaign’s headquarters for now (I haven’t got it fully cleared, yet). But, soon! I’ll keep you posted. Sign up for updates from the road… Subscribe

Intrepid band


Thank you for reading this page. Please share then visit our take action page and help us spread the word. We can pay for a better world for yourself, your family and future generations. It’s time for Just Money now.


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