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Politicon: can you come and help out?

by Virginia Hammon | published

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Politicon is in Nashville, TN, on October 26-27, 2019. They brag that they have “top politicians, commentators, and politically savvy celebrities…5 stages for over 100+ talent, 100+ exhibitors, 400+ press credentials, and 10,000 attendance. Attendees are almost balanced, though it leans conservative (38%), Liberal (29%), Independent (33%).

Politicon has over 20,000 followers on social media. They’ve gotten over 10 million views on YouTube, and 800,000 Facebook impressions (what does that mean?) and they claim they’ve gotten 8 BILLION media impressions.

This is an opportunity!! Costumes! (or not)..but they’d get attention!

We need at least 4 people to staff a booth and make this work

  • We have banners, and curtains for the sides of a booth (giant dollar bill fabric!).
  • We have books to give away and sell.
  • We have T-shirts to wear
  • We have postcards, mailing labels and stamps for people to sign and we’ll mail to Congress members. Can we get 1000 people to fill one out??
  • We can make buttons to wear and hand out.

It’s short notice…can we pull this off?

They still have space. I got the application yesterday, which I’ll submit today. Then they will send an invoice for $1,000 for the booth space, and another $1,000 for button production and shipping books and postcards (depending on how many we decide to ship) . We have $425 committed. Can we get the rest in the next couple of days? ANY amount helps, it all adds up.

I booked an AirBnB with room for four of us from Wednesday 23 – Monday, 28th. We have an AFJM member in Nashville with a couch for someone else. (I have until the 9th of October to cancel this without penalty). We opted for inexpensive. The total room cost for the 5 nights is $704 (including taxes and AirBnB fees) —roughly $35/night per person.

Please leave a comment with your thoughts about the value of attending, and whether you can join us and/or donate to help pay the cost. Thank you!


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