1 B-corporations are the exception; they balance profit and purpose with high standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability. More information is available at https://bcorporation.net/

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4 RE: How many high-speed trades? It depends on how you count trades. Is one trade an exchange between two parties? Or, does each participant count as one trade? Author and researcher Michael Lewis, in his book Flash Boys (2014) says evidence suggests that there may be a high-speed trader on one side of nearly every exchange today. Wall Street often quotes TABB Group’s data that says high frequency trading is slightly under half of all trades. Senator Mark Warner said in 2016 that “The average time someone used to hold a share of stock back in the ‘60s was eight years. Now, the average time is four months.” Politifact checked his statement with proprietary data from the New York Stock Exchange, and found his statement true for the US Marketplace. An average of 4 months is a key indication of high speculation over long-term investment.

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