We can do it!

We are a can-do nation of creative thinkers

We are problem-solvers, boot-strap innovators. When we put our minds, hearts and resources towards solving difficult challenges, we succeed. In 1956 we decided to build a national highway system. It took about 35 years, but we did it. In 1961 we decided to put a man on the moon. In 1969, we did it. In only nine years we changed our world and our understanding of our universe. We can be amazing when we choose to accomplish great things.

Scientists have been telling us for decades that we must change our behavior to protect life as we know it on planet Earth. Cancer rates are devastating and after generations of increasing life expectancy, in 2018 life expectancy in the U.S. declined for the second year in a row. In 2018 scientists said they’d misjudged the amount of time we have to make changes. Man-made climate change and species extinction is happening at a much faster pace than they’d estimated. Now, they say we have ten years to make radical change. We can do it.

There are plenty of good ideas about how to become a renewable energy, sustainable, healthy, just, and prosperous society. We have most of the technology to solve our problems. The only thing that is stopping us is money! Many of these ideas require an expensive foundation of private and public investment. For decades, America’s story has been that “We just can’t afford to make the necessary investments. Jobs will be lost. Businesses will not make enough profits to survive.” That story shows a poor understanding of how money works, and a poor opinion of American ingenuity.

America has a better story to tell, and here’s what will free us to change our story and accomplish great things. We could lead the world toward a better future.

Anything physically possible and socially desirable is also financially feasible.
Graham Towers, 1st President of the Bank of Canada, 1934

There is a way to pay…

We’ve done it before. The Massachusetts and Pennsylvania Colonies experimented and commerce thrived. We did it when the U.S. Government created and issued Continentals to win the War of Independence. We did it again when the U.S. Government created and issued Greenbacks to win the Civil War. We do it today when our government creates and issues coins. We can do it again for ALL our money supply. Our government can create U.S. Money – no debt required.

…if we upgrade our money system

We can and should change our money system FROM a private debt-credit money, created and entered into the money supply by private bankers – and guaranteed by the full faith, credit, and shared wealth of our nation –

current dollar


– a public tool that is a modern version of old fashioned cash, an asset;

– a public tool that is part of our shared national wealth, created by our government – and, guaranteed by the full faith, credit, and shared wealth of our nation. We’ve done it before. Here’s one from 1880!

1880 us dollar

To understand this change, it helps to understand what money is and how our current system works. A money system is the major factor in a successful economy. The wrong choice leads to recessions, depressions, high inflation, and hardships.

As we go about our daily lives, we often accept money as something that just exists, like the air we breathe. We rarely think about how it got here. We work hard for money. We save it. We spend it. How come sometimes there is too much money in the economy, and some people are giddy with buying and selling? Prices on real estate and other assets soar upward. Where does all that money come from?

How come euphoria is nearly always followed by a period when there is not enough money to go around? Businesses close, people are out of work, some people sell off assets at fire sale prices to survive. The number of people willing to work and spend has not changed, so what happens to the money? Where does it go?

When polled, most people believe money is created by the government – possibly related to the gold in Fort Knox, or created by the Federal Reserve or the U.S. Mint. Surprisingly as logical as these beliefs may seem, none of these entities impact the bulk of the money supply in the economy. So what is it? Where does it come from and where does it go?

Aristotle bust
Money exists not by nature, but by law.

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