Our June goal: reach 5000.
Be a seed! Help us grow awareness!

Take Action

  • 1. Share

    Cruise social media. Look for articles about your priorities. Leave a comment that says, “There is a way to get us back on our feet in an equitable and just way, and to pay for a better world. Then, copy and paste this link to our newest video.

  • 2. Subscribe

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  • 3. Call your representatives

    Notes: Please for now just call your own Representative and Senator. We particularly need people who live in the Districts and States with Representatives and Senators on their respective Financial Services Committees. House Finance Committee Senate Finance Committee

    If you know someone in these districts or states, please ask them to contact their Representative or Congressperson.

    Introduce yourself, “Hi I’m [ Your Name ] and I am a constituent. I live in [ Your Location].

    (Say something briefly about the issue that is most important to you…make it personal if you can…tell your story (briefly) for example,

    (The problem) I am deeply concerned about student debt. It’s burdening too many people’s lives and slowing down our economy. It’s taking all my disposable income to make my student debt payment and at 29 I still can’t save enough to buy a house. We don’t eat out much or spend much on entertainment either, so I’m a lousy consumer. The small businesses in my community would have more customers if my friends and I weren’t all saddled with student debt and jobs that don’t pay enough to pay it off quickly.

    (A solution) I want education in the US to be free to all


    I want all student debt to be forgiven and those who’ve paid, reimbursed.

    (How we can pay) There’s a way to pay off [      ] (e.g. student debt). We must change our money system from one that benefits bankers to one that benefits We the People.

    (Call to Action) Please ask [      ] to study changing the money system and find out how we can pay for the better world that we all want. Information is on the website, HowWePay.US

    Thank you.

  • 4. Buy copies

    Buy copies to support our work and give them to your favorite opinion-makers in the media, your lawmakers, and your friends and family.

  • 5. Buy postcards

    Buy postcards and be sure to fill in your priorities and let them know you’re a voter in their district. They are much more likely to listen when they know you vote. Write in your personal list of priorities (what you want at the top of the list when we have enough money to pay for a better world. (This is information they pay pollsters to get!).

  • 6. Send postcards to Finance Committee members

    Buy our Finance Committee postcard package. It includes postcards and local-office address labels for all Representatives and Senators in Financial Services Committees.

  • 7. Start a group

    Download the study guide and invite your book group, or a church group, or social organization to learn how changing to Just Money can pay for a better world.

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