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Change our money and YES, we can.

What does our money system have to do with our food supply?

by Virginia Hammon | published

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Money is like soil. It is foundational, and can be regenerative. Money can be a circulating closed-system asset like healthy soil. Or money can be extractive debt-credit as it is today.

Our industrial-agricultural food system and our money system have exploitation and destruction built in. Chemical agriculture sucks the nutrients from the soil, leaving it depleted and dependent on a death spiral of pesticides and fertilizers. In a similar way, bank-created debt money sucks the health from the economy – shifting wealth from the many to the few, creating a death-spiral of dependencies on expensive crisis management and remediation. For people, this means drugs, excessive medical care, increasing poverty and homelessness, despair, and discontent.

Food is the most important energy system on the planet. Healthy soil fuels healthy life. Some people are working hard to shift our food system from one that sucks up energy, creates climate changing waste, destroys our soil, and poisons us, TO a system that is regenerative, produces energy, fuel, healthy people, and a healthy biosystem. But, investment in new technologies requires an initial investment. Who will pay for this change? Changing the money system could provide the money to make radical change quickly and in time to save the most crucial energy system, our food – and therefore our lives.

The film, The Need to Grow, is a hopeful story about solutions. STOP! What you’re doing and watch this film in the next few days. It’s a free screening until October 15, 2019. Thereafter it’s $7, which is still well-worth the cost. You will be inspired!

We KNOW how to get ourselves out of the destructive cycle and death spiral that we are in. But, we have to work fast. We are depleting our soil at 10 times the rate that nature can renew it. At this rate, in 60 years, there will be no arable soil left. AND, the solutions have been developed, we just need to invest in implementing them. We are making these changes slowly today. More of us are eating organic and shopping at farmer’s markets. More schools and communities are creating their own gardens. More of us are lobbying to get poisons out of our food supply. But, we are up against a money system that pushes hard against these changes. At the current rate, pushing against the forces that block change, the change could take generations. If we take that long, we will experience severe hardship before we get it right.

How can we have the money we need to shift to a regenerative and healthy food energy system? We change the money system from an extractive to a regenerative force, and the money system will support a regenerative food system, instead of working against it.

Our current money system by its nature exploits and degrades in the scramble for short-term profits. The supply is created by private bankers who are motivated by shareholder profits. So, how much money is available in the economy is determined by how confident the bankers are that they can earn high profits on their creation of the money supply. There is NO motivation and reward in the money system that pushes toward what is good for life on Earth, good for communities, and good for a regenerative economy. Our money system pushes overwhelming toward transferring wealth from the many to the few; it makes our society all about making money.

Money is created in our current system when banks loan money to borrowers. The bankers choose how new money enters the economy. Their choices tend toward proven older technology, profit-making enterprises, which they will then use their influence and power to protect. These older technologies make their profits by ignoring the cost of exploiting and degrading people and the planet. These costs are deliberately factored out as externalities.

This system makes it difficult for disruptive technologies that may save lives, but do not offer a sure short-term return on investment and that may disadvantage the current cash cows. The food system entrepreneurs in the film, The Need to Grow, are creating closed loop renewable systems that can provide healthy food, inexpensive biofuels to power our economy, AND stop man-made climate change, renewing and regenerating a healthy planet. What’s not to like and nurture? Well, in our current money system, these technologies cut into the existing profits of the privileged few, who because of their power to create the money supply, have the power to stand in the way of the rapid development of life-enhancing new technologies .

Change the money and we can pay for a healthier food system, and a better world.

For a fuller explanation visit https://HowWePay.US, and for an in-depth explanation visit https://USMoney.US

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