$9 Trillion

  • $9 Trillion Just Money Now
  • $9 Trillion Just Money Now

How did we figure $9 TRILLION?

by Virginia Hammon | published

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The US population is 328 million


254 million x $24,000/year = $6.1 trillion

Children under 18, 22.3%

73 million x $12,000/year = $0.9 trillion

Basic Income Total: $7 trillion

Healthcare for all Americans @ $8,000/per person* $2.6 trillion

Less what we are paying for Medicare and Medicaid (2018) ($1.3 trillion)

Healthcare for all total $1.3 trillion

* The US currently averages about $11,000, but the next highest country is Switzerland and they spend $8,000, and have better outcomes than we do. Then the rest of the developed world is in the $5-6,000 range, and they also mostly have better outcomes. So, surely the US can do as well as Switzerland, right?

TOTAL $9 trillion !

(Rounded up by about 700 billion...lot’s more needs doing, and it’s always good to budget high for contingencies, such as the additional cost of the pandemic, and for the cost of implementation.)


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