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On the Road NEW!

Politicon 2019

More news to come… in the picture, Howard Switzer and Virginia Hammon and a team of six at Politicon in Nashville, TN.

Current Events NEW!

Change our money and YES, we can.
What does our money system have to do with our food supply?

Watch this^ extraordinary Film https://grow.foodrevolution.org/screening/

Money is like soil. It is foundational, and can be rege...

On the Road
lady liberty

Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair

This is my first venture out and about on the campaign. A Peace and Justice Fair seemed like a good place to meet people who are dedicate to making the world a better place.

On the Road

Politicon: can you come and help out?

Politicon is in Nashville, TN, on October 26-27, 2019. They brag that they have “top politicians, commentators, and politically savvy celebrities…5 stages fo...

Current Events

What does the money system have to do with elder care?

That’s a picture of my mother at 83, with all her luggage, heading off for a three month stay in Spain – by herself. Mother was in great shape, physically and cognitively, until the last year of...

On the Road

On the road – Campaign Launch!

We are afraid for the future, angry at the dysfunctional status quo and hungry for a pragmatic basis for hope. We know many of you are, too. We have that practical basis for hope! Our core group...

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