Nationwide people’s assemblies and a National People’s Convention for a Better

  • Nationwide people’s assemblies and a National People’s Convention for a Better
  • Nationwide people’s assemblies and a National People’s Convention for a Better

Let’s make our dreams a reality – for ourselves, our families and for America

by Virginia Hammon | published

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Nationwide people’s assemblies and a National People’s Convention for a Better World

The best way to move forward is to be clear about where we are now, where we want to go, and then plan to move in that direction. That means we have to take the time to talk to each other, to agree on our values, establish our goals, and do the work of studying alternatives and planning for a better America. We know how to do this. There is no reason to wait. Let’s do it!

Already many existing nonprofits, schools, and religious groups are calling on the nation to use this crisis and pause to think through our true values and how to bring America into alignment with those values. Let’s begin the process with many assemblies of large and small groups, some with special interests, some with broad goals. Then use social media technology and a representative process to bring the reports of the smaller groups to a whole exchange, where we combine and unify our plans for the future. The whole representative convention can be broadcast, so that all participants from every level can follow and contribute to its process.

The money system is foundational, so it must be part of the study and dialogue. The values inherent in the money system will permeate everything we choose to do. The money system creates channels and boundaries that can help or hinder the accomplishment of our goals. The money system – particularly WHO creates the money and HOW the money is created – determines whether there is prosperity for all, or a tilted playing field where some have privileges and power that is not available to others. The money system determines whether money has a steady value or a shrinking value. It determines whether money transfers systemically from the many to the few. It determines the role of taxes in paying for a better world. And, it determines whether economic conditions are stable or constantly cycling from boom to bust – to some people’s advantage and to other’s lifetime misery.

We’re in the process of planning and expanding our small team. Do you have expertise in facilitating groups? – in software applications that could facilitate this nesting from small to national study, dialogue, debate, and planning? Can you financially support the planning and production of these events? Help us turn this into a process that comes up with a solid plan for a better world. As soon as the plan is far enough along to know what it’s going to cost, we’ll use GoFundMe. At this moment, every single dollar will help moves us forward, while we plan and complete a firm proposal for some significant funding. Your voice is important! No one else has your perspective and the best outcome will require that as many perspectives as possible have been taken into account. So, please, get on board! Sign up. Donate.


Thank you for reading this page. Please share then visit our take action page and help us spread the word. We can pay for a better world for yourself, your family and future generations. It’s time for Just Money now.


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